Monitoring Progress on a Building Site
  Eagles in The Sky is a modern business providing Aerial Photography based in Yorkshire, covering England and Worldwide, we are a safety aware, high quality, flexible and quick response service in Drone Aerial still and video capture for the media, house sales, property, surveying and building sectors  
    Progress                           is being                      made!    
    It is easy to really see the progress in the Construction or Refurbishment of a Building; using drones to look in detail and inspect areas of a site – whether to see up-to-date progress of a project or get a detailed view of a problem area.

Imagine having this quality of photo or video available for your next Site Meeting or Meeting with your Client!

Our drone flies for 20-25 minutes per battery, 100 minutes before a charge, giving up to 12.4 Mega Pixel (RAW or Jpeg) resolution photography and 4K video.

A Drone is a modern quick and cost-effective tool, causing minimal disruption, particularly if the area is inaccessible. We can cover areas that may not be easily accessible from the ground.