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Quick Reaction - North Yorkshire Based - 100+ minute Flight Time
  Eagles in The Sky is a modern business providing Aerial Photography based in Yorkshire, covering England and Worldwide, we are a safety aware, high quality, flexible and quick response service in Drone Aerial still and video capture for the media, house sales, property, surveying and building sectors  
    Unsafe? (stock photo)   Dangerous Areas   Man Hunt    
    Unsafe Locations - safely investigated       Searching - quickly over large areas    
    Danger of collapse; fire; explosion; gas       Lost children, missing persons    

Aerial Photography in potentially Unsafe Locations

Floods; Fire; Explosion, Collapse, Gas; Unknown Environment

    With 12.4 Mega Pixel (RAW or Jpeg) resolution photography and 4K video, you can use drones to look in detail and inspect areas quickly and accurately - we have a large 'live' feed screen on-site to allow real time examination of the area in question.